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Which Cake to Order?

From time to time I am asked, what cake should the customer order that will please everyone? Of course I have no means of knowing the members of the Gathering and being no Prof Xavier myself, and being unable to read minds I would usually recommend our Berry Blackforest, Valrhona Salted Caramel, Nutella & Grilled Banana or our Strawberry Shortcake. Because they're really not controversial choices and they are unlikely to shock or dismay. But when they are done well, they will delight even the Chief Critic of the Council of Cake Elves. Ok, that's not me la, it's the fella ensconced in my home for the past 13 years. 

Me in 2014: what cake you want for your birthday?

CC: Berry Blackforest

Me in 2015: what cake you want?

CC: Berry Blackforest

Me in 2016: what cake you want?

CC: Berry Blackforest

Me in 2017: what cake you want?

CC: Strawberry Shortcake

Me: what?!! Why you don't want my Berry Blackforest?!!!


PS: If you're still not sure about which cake to order, send us a message! The Chief Elf is usually attached to her phone and will try to reply to you as soon as possible, with exceptions of course, like when she has to peel her kids apart or when she's busy dispensing wisdom to her boys.

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