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Spanish Burnt Cheesecake: Origin Story

Spanish Burnt Cheesecake: Origin Story

So I'm happily existing and doing my regular recipe update and our friendly blogger @wackybecky comes and says you absolutely must make a burnt cheesecake because it's all that rage right now.

I can honestly say I made a lot of burnt things before it was all that rage and before I was really any good at baking I've even made burnt Cempedak cake. By accident of course, because before it was the vogue thing to do burnt cakes just meant you were incompetent, as I was. Apparently there's an art to burning things, especially cakes and you can't burn it til it's bitter and hard like some old exes but you must burn it just enough for Maillard reaction to turn your gloppy mess into a masterpiece of burnished mahogany gold. But still soft and a bit curdlike inside, sort of like Jiggly Puff with a deep tan.

So in the spirit of honing our professional cake burning you go, our first version: Burnt Cheesecake with bits of Biscoff inside. 


Maybe we could also do the original version and serve with caramelized pecans 😋

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