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Cake Stories

Gula Melaka Discovery Missions

Chief Cake Elf, lover of everything sweet

Gula Melaka discovery expeditions require an accomplice. When did my love affair with Gula Melaka begin?When we first started using Gula Melaka, I didn't know there were different grades and depths to this low GI sweetener. I mean, sugar is suga

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Spanish Burnt Cheesecake: Origin Story

High Chief Elf, who can't resist a challenge

So I'm happily existing and doing my regular recipe update and our friendly blogger @wackybecky comes and says you absolutely must make a burnt cheesecake because it's all that rage right now.I can honestly say I made a lot of burnt things

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Sky High Gula Melaka Banoffee Pie

The Chief Elf, who loves a good Banoffee Pie

Me: Let's make Banoffee Pie today. Let's slap on some Valrhona Ganache for more chocolatey flavour. And put as much bananas slathered with salted Gula Melaka caramel as the crust can take without bursting it. Then smother the

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Which Cake to Order?

High Chief Elf, doubling as Cake Consultant

From time to time I am asked, what cake should the customer order that will please everyone? Of course I have no means of knowing the members of the Gathering and being no Prof Xavier myself, and being unable to read minds I would usually recommend o

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