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Mangosteen Lychee

RM 100.00



Mangosteen the Queen of Fruits! Now made into a delectably light and tangy cake, garnished with lychees.

Our seasonal Mangosteen cake is a hot favourite among our customers ever since we made it 8 years ago and was featured by EatDrinkKL, Rebecca Saw and local blogs. It’s one of the most photographed cakes in 2013! It takes close to a day to prepare the mangosteens, so that we can bake them into the cake.

We have now updated our Mangosteen cake with more flavour by adding more mangosteens into the mousse. More mangosteen reduction is folded into the frosting and finally we crown the cake with fresh mangosteens (if available). It's a true labour of love!

This cake relies entirely on the quality and mostly the sweetness of natural mangosteen fruit. Mangosteen fruit does not have a very assertive flavour and we have included as much fruit as we can into each cake. Due to the natural taste profile of lychees, you will find the lychee flavour is more pronounced here.

Please allow 1 day's notice for this cake. Subject to availability of mangosteens. 


As the cake is made with Mangosteen fruit and freshly whipped cream, kindly handle and store with care, away from direct sunlight and heat. Store in an airtight container in a chiller. Although the cake may be stored and eaten for a day or two after purchase, it will dry out a little in the chiller. As with all products made with fresh fruits and fresh cream, we cannot guarantee the shelf life beyond the day of purchase because no preservatives is used. We therefore recommend consuming it on the day it is purchased. 

Important Note: Fresh cream is extremely sensitive to heat! Please handle with care when transporting the cake and keep cake box upright in a cool air conditioned car away from direct sunlight. If travelling with cake for more than 1 hour, we recommend storing the cake box in a cooler bag and cooler packs (both sold separately) or cooler box with ice bag/cooler packs.

This is a handmade product, garnishes may differ and may be substituted according to availability. 


Cake is packed in a standard cardboard cake box. Moisture from chiller will invariably cause the cake box to soften as it is made of cardboard. You can elect to purchase a sturdier box from our Add-Ons