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Passionfruit Mango (3 days notice)

RM 88.00


Please allow 3 days notice for this cake. 

Passionfruit Mango Cake - hand-harvested passionfruits are laboriously prepared over hours resulting in a deceptively simple and light summery cake. 

Tangy with a little sweetness, creamy but still so light...a passionfruit sponge cake brushed with passionfruit juice layered with juicy mangoes and passionfruit cream, for those looking for some passion and some sweetness in life...

Please do note that all our fruity cakes are made using fresh fruits and we do not use commercial pastes and concentrates, therefore cake flavour will depend solely on the fruits harvested. 

Fruit garnishes on the cake (other than mango) will depend on availability of the fruits. This is a handmade product, decorating styles may differ. 

Please allow 3 day’s notice for this cake  


Cake must be kept in an airtight container in a chiller away from direct sunlight. Please consume the cake on the day of purchase. Although cake can keep for a day or two, it will dry out a little in the chiller. 

Important Note: Fresh cream is extremely sensitive to heat! Please handle with care when transporting the cake and keep cake box upright in a cool air conditioned car away from direct sunlight. If travelling with cake for more than 1 hour, we recommend storing the cake box in a cooler bag and cooler packs (both sold separately) or cooler box with ice bag/cooler packs.


Cake is packed in a standard white cake cardboard box. The cake box will soften due to the moisture in the chiller. 

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