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Berries Blast (No alcohol)

RM 100.00


Please note that we will be using a mix of berries and fresh cherries (if available) or canned cherries for this cake. 

Non alcoholic version of our fabulous Brandy Blast. Two fabulous layers of soft Valrhona chiffon with heaps of cherries, finished with a good drizzle of smooth Valrhona ganache. Did we mention that the cake is brushed with cherry juice to keep it moist? This is a most delicious celebration cake. 

Please allow 1 day's notice for this cake. 

Note: Cherries for middle layer are pitted by hand and we have tried to remove all seeds but some seeds may have been missed. Cherries for garnish are not pitted. Canned cherries (if used) are pitted.


Please remove from chiller 30 minutes before serving for best texture. Cake should be kept in an airtight container in the chiller. Please note that although the cake can keep for 2 to 3 days, it may dry out in a chiller, and we therefore recommend consuming the cake on the day it is purchased. Fruits garnishes, if used, will dry out in the chiller.

Important Note: Please handle with care when transporting the cake and keep cake box upright in a cool air conditioned car away from direct sunlight. If travelling with cake for more than 1 hour, we recommend storing the cake box in a cooler bag and cooler packs (both sold separately) or cooler box with ice bag/cooler packs.


Cake is packed in a standard white cardboard cake box. Please note that the cake box may soften when placed in a chiller due to the moisture level within. 

Please note that dowels (stick) is used in the cake to keep the cake upright.