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Green Samurai (Matcha, Sake & Coconut)

RM 90.00


The Green Samurai!

Sake soaked Samurai matcha cake layered with coconut mascarpone, and dusted simply with Niko Neko matcha powder, reminiscent of the quiet boldness of a zen garden. Dubbed the best matcha in KL, Niko Neko Matcha is complex, earthy and aromatic with a bitter sweet lingering aftertaste.

Please allow at least 3 day's notice for this cake.


As the cake is made with coconut and mascarpone, kindly handle and store with care, away from direct sunlight and heat. Store in an airtight container in a chiller for up to 2 days.  


Cake is packed in a standard cardboard cake box. Moisture from chiller will invariably cause the cake box to soften as it is made of cardboard.