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Mangosteen Mousse Cake (Seasonal)

RM 90.00

Our seasonal Mangosteen cake is a hot favourite among our customers ever since we made it 5 years ago and was featured by EatDrinkKL, Rebecca Saw and local blogs. It’s one of the most photographed cakes in 2013! It takes close to a day to prepare the mangosteens, so that we can bake them into the cake. 

We have now updated our Mangosteen cake with more flavour by adding more mangosteens into the mousse. More mangosteen reduction is folded into the frosting and finally we crown the cake with fresh mangosteens (if available). It's a true labour of love!

A word of warning, this cake relies entirely on the quality and mostly the sweetness of the fresh natural mangosteen fruit. There is no mangosteen essence or flavouring in the market that we know of. Mangosteen fruit does not have a very assertive flavour and we have included as much fruit as we can into each cake. If you are looking for exact mangosteen flavour, we recommend eating the fruit fresh! We do random sampling of the fruits for ripeness and quality but we cannot sample through 100kgs of mangosteens! We hope you'll enjoy this one of a kind cake, only found at Swich!

Please allow 3 day's notice for this cake. Subject to availability of mangosteens.