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East of Eden (Gula Melaka, Apple Cinnamon)

RM 90.00


NOTE: Currently there are no FIGS available so we will use berries in place of figs. 

East of Eden, a Gula Melaka cake layered with apple cinnamon and coconut cream, crowned with figs (or berries) and fruits and a drizzle of chocolate ganache.

Gula Melaka is undeniably one of our country's finest produce, and we source ours from the estates of Malacca. This delightful 100% pure Gula Melaka is hand cooked in the estates, smoky with the intense flavour of butterscotch and reminiscent of slightly burnt caramel. Paired with figs (or berries), coconut and apple cinnamon, the combination is exotic fragrant, and delicious!

Please allow 2 days’ notice for this cake.


Cake must be stored in an airtight container in the chiller away from direct sunlight. Coconut have very short shelf life, we recommend consuming the cake on the day of purchase, although the cake may be stored for up to 2 days in an appropriate airtight container in the chiller. 


Cake is packed in a standard white cardboard cake box. Please note that the cake box may soften when placed in a chiller due to the moisture level within.