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Oolong Lychee Cake

RM 95.00


The delicate taste of oolong tea paired with sweet lychee is our latest Limited Edition cake made specially for Mother’s Day celebrations! We use superior grade oolong tea leaves, so you will enjoy the fresh grassy aroma, and reap the benefits of this tea. 

Do you know that studies have shown that oolong tea has positive cognitive effects like improving brain activity and sleep quality, reducing stress and anxiety? Whilst we can’t claim to be health experts, we think this is all the more reason to indulge in this lovely cake! 

Please allow 3 days' advance notice for this cake. 


Cake must be stored in an airtight container in a chiller away from direct sunlight. Although it can keep for 1 to 2 days, we recommend that it is consumed on the day it is purchased.


Cake is packed in a standard white cardboard cake box. Please note that the cake box may soften when placed in a chiller due to the moisture level within.