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D101 Durian Burnt Cheesecake

RM 120.00


For limited stock, use the voucher code below for RM32 off the 6" D101 Durian Burnt Cheesecake!   


Limited Edition Durian Burnt Cheesecake! Topped with freshly whipped durian cream, this durian cheesecake is studded with generous dollops of D101 durian. Perfect for durian cheesecake lovers!

Please note: Cake topper is not included. Please order cake topper separately from Add-On menu.  Any decorations if provided is subject to availability of ingredients and will be garnished by hand, decorating styles may differ.

Please allow 1 days' notice for this cake.


Cake must be stored in an airtight container in a chiller away from direct sunlight. Durians have unpredictable and very short shelf life, we therefore recommend consuming this cake within the day of purchase. Please remove from the chiller 15 to 30 minutes before serving.


Cake is packed in a standard white cardboard cake box. Please note that the cake box may soften when placed in a chiller due to the moisture level within.