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Valrhona Avocado Chocolate

RM 90.00

Valrhona Avocado cake with Valrhona avocado ganache, garnished with hazelnut praline. It’s really truffley and moist because we put loads of avocados in it and it’s chocolatey, with a hint of grassy avocado flavour. 

Please allow 3 days’ advance notice for this cake, as we need to make sure we have stock of ripe avocados. 

Please store in an airtight container in a chiller, and consume the cake within 3 days. Kindly remove from the chiller at least half an hour before serving. 

Cake comes in a standard white cake box, which may soften with moisture from the chiller. If you wish, you may elect to purchase a more sturdy box from our Add-On menu.