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Valrhona and Berries

RM 156.00


This cake delights intense but not dense, dark Valrhona Chocolate sponge cake adorned with spectacular jewel coloured seasonal berries. Valrhona Chocolate Ganache and whipped cream cheese layered with juicy berries ensure the right amount of decadence...and the fruits, high with antioxidants and fibre, are all the goodness you need in your life! 

Variety of berries is subject to seasonal availability, we will endeavour to procure up to 3 types of berries for the 6 inch cake and up to 4 types of berries for the 9 inch cake. 

Please allow a minimum of 3 days advance notice for this cake as we will purchase the fruits after your order is confirmed.

The 6 inch cake serves up to 10 pax and the 9 inch cake is a whopping 4 kg, serves up to 25 or 30 pax.


Cake needs to be stored in an airtight container in a chiller. Please remove from chiller 30 minutes before serving, as it is best enjoyed at room temperature. Although the cake can keep for up to 3 days if properly stored, but the cake will dry out overnight, and the fruits may not keep. 


The cake is packed in a corrugated cardboard box. Please handle with care during transportation.