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Profiterole Cake (3 Flavours)

RM 85.00


3 days notice required. Please choose either French Vanilla, Cempedak or Musang King durian flavour. 

This is one of our new bestsellers and now a firm family favourite! The Profiterole cake is made of a stack of profiteroles filled with freshly whipped French vanilla chantilly cream, with lots of blueberries, and finally smothered with lashings of smooth Valrhona ganache. 

If you’re a little more adventurous, try our Profiterole cake with Cempedak cream instead. Instead of blueberries, the cake is garnished with toasted Hawaiian coconut, to add a nice little crunch and coconut flavour.

And if you are really into durians, you must try our Profiterole cake with Musang King cream! Durian and chocolate - Musang King and Valrhona...need we say more? 😊

Note: Picture shows the French Vanilla Profiterole cake.

Cake toppers and other garnishes are excluded. You may select from our list of other decorations from our Add-Ons menu.

Please allow 3 day's notice for this cake.


Cake should be kept in an airtight container in the chiller. Please note that although the cake can keep for 2 to 3 days (except for Musang King), it may dry out in a chiller, and we therefore recommend consuming the cake on the day it is purchased. As durian has very short shelf life, please consume the Musang King Profiterole cake on the date of purchase. Fruits garnishes, if used, will dry out in the chiller. Best consumed when removed from the chiller at least 1 hour before serving to enable the ganache to soften at room temperature. 


Cake is packed in a standard white cardboard cake box. Please note that the cake box may soften when placed in a chiller due to the moisture level within.